Spirit Realms

Ningen-do – Realm of mortals. Rokugan is on this realm.

Yume-do – Realm of dreams. One of the realms that is closest to Ningen-do.

Meido – Realm of the dead. Spirits remain here after death until they are reintroduced to the celestial cycle or pass to another realm.

Gaki-do – Realm of the hungry dead. Those that die with dishonor remain feasting here until they pay their kharmic debts.

Chikushudo – Realm of animals, closely tied with the Shinomen forest.

Tengoku – The celestial heavens. Little is known about Tengoku.

Yomi-do – The realm of blessed ancestors. Mortals who have fulfilled their destinies are allowed to enter here.

Toshigoku – Realm of slaughter. Those who died ensnared in vengeance or senseless battle end up trapped here. It is a realm of never-ending battle.

Sakkaku – Realm of mischief. Many tricky creatures and spirits inhabit this place.

Maigo no Musha – The realm of thwarted destiny. The newest of the spirit realms, those who have been denied their true destiny are given a chance to fulfill their kharma so they can be reincarnated.

Jigoku – Realm of evil. The source of all things unholy (oni, shadowlands, etc.)

Spirit Realms

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