Torii no Meido

Entering Stone Hop Village
A surprising summons brings the PCs to Stone Hop Village

Yogo Bengei, an emerald magistrate, requested of your lord that he be provided with samurai to assist as his yoriki (deputies) during an investigation. Somewhat puzzlingly, he specifically requested your services, and now you find yourself heading towards Stone Hop Village in northern Scorpion lands with a fresh set of traveling papers. Per Yogo Bengei-san’s instructions, you are to meet up with Soshi Uguru upon your arrival to receive a complete briefing.

[PCs who are curious if they know anything about Yogo Bengei or Soshi Uguru can make a Lore: Heraldry or Lore: Scorpion roll for one or both of them. Likewise, a Lore: Scorpion roll could reveal basic information about North Hop Village to those who are curious. As always, please feel free to use something else applicable if you have another obscure Lore skill “e.g. Lore: Magistrates”]

As the sun lowers in the evening sky the number of passerbys on the road begins to dwindle, but you gather from their words that you are nearing your destination. The sun has just sunken below the horizon and in the lingering daylight you make out a think chimney of black smoke rising in the distance. Spurning your horse to greater speeds (or rushing on foot) you soon confirm your fear that there is indeed a large fire in Stone Hop Village. Knowing that a small fire can quickly rage out of control with most Rokugani people living in closely-cramped houses made of paper and wood, you fervently rush the last leg of your already tiring journey. Passing under the Gate of Pursed Lips you enter a small city of peasants and samurai alike franticly running hither and thither with a dozen mothers trying to calm down a chorus of babies and children who are belting a crescendo of frightened sobs to a backdrop of a roaring inferno…


[Awaiting player actions]

The Seed of Truth
Something old, something new; something "borrowed," something blue...

During a bonsai-growing contest at Kakita Doichi’s estate near the Crane city of Tsuma, it is soon apparant that some of the samurai have been brought here by ulterior motives. The most vexing figure is a woman by the pseudo-name of Bayushi Feiya, who breaks into the underground brewery and violates the remains of Doichi-san’s wife to retrieve a nemuranai of sorts. Though a few ambitious samurai arrive in time to save “Feiya’s” brother, the ronin Nigon, they are shamed by allowing the murderer and thief to escape.

Kakita Doichi, in an effort to downplay these events, decides not to let the conclusion of the contest to be deterred. Akodo Mirito is declared the winner and is rewarded with a betrothal to Doichi’s daughter, a crane duelist by the name of Kakita Rizu. Given the young crane samurai’s hot-headed nature and the historical feud between the clans, only time will tell if the young Akodo can truly consider this prize to be a blessing.

In the meantime, Kakita Doichi tasks the young samurais who failed in their duty by letting “Feiya” escape with the task of tracking her down and suggest they inquire at the Lotus Brotherhood who have a temple in Scorpion lands near the Spine of the World mountians. The pendant which Feiya was after did, after all, come from a monk who hailed from this temple…


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