Ronin from the past


From his gait and the way he handles his weapon, it is clear that he is a cut above your average wave-man. The sword he carries is finer than many that you will find on great clan samurai, but like his clothing is very plain and nondescript. He forgoes the samurai topknot in favor of long, loose hair and has a horse named Musha.


Was one of the contestants in the bonsai contest at Kakita Doichi’s estate. After having a near-death experience at the hands of “Bayushi Feiya,” he claims that him and “Feiya” are siblings that died hundreds of years ago as they attempted to revolt against a corrupt Scorpion governor. Somehow they ended up back in the realm of Ningen-do, along with their younger brother who was dead upon arrive in the realm. He journeys back to Scorpion lands but is denied entry and he currently lacks the time and resources to obtain new travel documents.


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