Kakita Doichi

Crane minor daimyo


Crane daimyo residing in lands outside of the city of Tsuma. Attended the Kakita bushi school and wears his hair in the traditional samurai topknot.


Doichi is a Kakita bushi in the twilight of his career. He served the clan faithfully for many years and was borne two daughters, Rizu and Sezu, by his late wife Yumeno. His wife descended into madness and torment after receiving from a monk named Fogu a mysterious pendant which was supposed to heal her lesser health problems. She passed away last year.

Now that his elder daughter, Rizu, has completed her gempukku, he decides that it is past time to arrange prosperous marriages for his daughters. Above all else, he wants to make sure that they marry into honorable families that will strengthen the Crane clan. To this end, he decides to hold a bonsai contest to find suitors, where the winner is declared not by their ability to grow bonsai, but by how honorably they conduct themselves during the contest.

Kakita Doichi

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