After the land was plunged into years of turmoil to begin the reign of the Toturi line, most can only assume that Tengoku, the Celestial Realm, was upset with Rokugan. As the clouds begin to clear and the Toturi line begins to legitimize itself with the will of the heavens, dark rumors creep up of a vile artifact with the power to travel between realms…

Things to Know…

- Characters start with 40 CP. Up to 10 more can be gained from disadvantages. 2 CP will be granted for a backstory, which is optional (regardless of length). In the future, characters might be able to gain bonus XP for writing adventure logs.

- I recommend starting with at least 10 skills. This represents how your daimyo and sensei have seen fit to train you to represent your clan in many different facets. For ronin and monk characters, these diverse skills are the ones that have helped you survive in a world of samurai where you have no daimyo or clansmen to protect you.

- Advantages and disadvantages are flexible. They can be created or adjusted if you have a good idea that fits what you are trying to do with your character.

Earning XP

XP will be awarded at the end of each adventure, at the end of the Adventure Log. For characters that have written something in their Bio section, feel free to award yourself 2 XP for that. XP may be spent anytime, on the condition that you first request and receive GM approval. To learn new spells or a new school technique, a significant time investment is required and thus must be done at the end of an adventure.

Characters who incorporate their disadvantages into the adventure will be awarded bonus XP at the end of the adventure. Most disadvantages are the player’s responsibility to roleplay. In the case that you have a disadvantage that truly requires special preparation from the GM, such as Sworn Enemy, this XP can be earned by reminding the GM to bring the disadvantage into the campaign when applicable.

Torii no Meido

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